We believe in Cake Review because we think cake is good fun, important for the continuance of the human race and essential inspiration for culture in general. Because we think that when it comes to recreational cake, single women have been second-class citizens for far too long. Because we firmly believe that it should not be left up to the Mr Kiplings, Cadburys or Tate and Lyles of this world to choose the way in which society is made to enjoy or be aware of cake.

Cake Review won’t be approved by WHSmith. It is irreverent, informative, outspoken and witty as is necessary for intelligent readers to enjoy it. Cake Review collects a broad range of established and new writers sympathetic to the theme. Some explore cake’s social dynamic, others contribute fiction, while still others look at the arts, the media, the cake industry, the law and politics. Mostly the Cake Review is a forum for cake lovers to share information on the cake they enjoy and where to find it. Happy munching.


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