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Chocolate and Vanilla Puzzle Cake

Borough Market, London Bridge

The Chocolate and Vanilla Puzzle Cake serves up something of a conundrum to enthusiastic cake eaters. Do I eat, or do I simply sit and admire the precision intersections of sponge and icing? Well, hopefully, after a suitable period of admiration they will tuck in as this is a cake that definitely deserves to be devoured.

The texture is perfect – the sponge is light and moist, while the icing is not overwhelming. The chocolate sponge is perhaps not as chocolately as one would hope, and the icing suffers a similar fate. I suspect that the flavour of the icing has been sacrificed to the demands of the cake’s appearance – a choice that I can certainly understand, even while craving for more cocoa.

Amongst the many treats that the Borough Market has to offer, the puzzle cake is certainly an eye-catching choice and probably the option that confounds many a person in the puzzle of a dieting dilemna.


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