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Colin the Caterpillar

Marks and Spencer Birthday Cake

Colin the Caterpillar

Are you a caterpillar lover or a chocolate lover? In either case, Colin the Caterpillar could be the perfect cake for you. The sponge is cheap and cheerful but this does not matter because the rest of the cake is brutally chocolatey. It is a chocoholics dream, from the chocolate cream that holds it together to the chocolate covering that gives the caterpillar its shell. The feet are made of chocolate, the tail is made of chocolate, the face is made of chocolate. There is no way that chocolate can be escaped in this confection.

Colin also looks perfect – he entertains the birthday child whatever the age – but if you are looking for anything more than chocolate, chocolate and chocolate in your birthday cake, or indeed a cute caterpillar face, then it might be better to look elsewhere. Though why that combination could fail to keep you happy I am at a loss to understand. Colin, as far as I am concerned, is liable to turn us all into very hungry caterpillars indeed.



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